EAGL is founder of the famous TRILLERS party, held in Ghent, Antwerp & Brussels as well hosting a stage at WeCanDance, Laundry Day and Fire is Gold. Apart from being a kick ass promotor, he [...]


‘The Frank Sinatra of the scene’ (according to non other than Walshy Fire of Major Lazer) combines all kinds of music in one big energy mash-up, rooted in Carribean music. He shared decks with [...]


If you ever witnessed how things got heated up at their Bruges based party “Nah Mean”, you know that they are on the rise to higher heights. Last summer they surprised friend and [...]


BLACK MAMBA, our Kurious sister, is on the rise in the Belgian nightlife bringing an eclectic mix of personal favorites and classic party starters, ranging from R&B classics over new school [...]