Party Wise
This year we have something new in store. We are going for the Party Wise label. With this label we want to show that we create a safe and healthy atmosphere at our festival. In brief, this means that we will provide our visitors with services to party wise. These will be indicated with stickers all along our festival .The services are the following:

Expert personnel
All our crew members will be fully briefed about the do’s and don’ts with alcohol and drugs. They will also be ready to answer all your questions about these topics.

Our festival will also be filled with posters about alcohol consumption, drugs, how to get home safe, etc.
Leave no man behind (Samen uit, samen thuis):
This year we will again provide you with all the information for busses and taxies. You will be able to find these on our site and app. We also encourage you to go by bike!

To avoid hearing loss you will again be able to get free earplugs at the entrance. We deeply encourage you to use these. We will also install decibel meters to avoid the music from being too loud.

Free water
Farys will again provide our festival with free water so you guys will not be dehydrated from all the partying.

Chill out
Our decorators have again some spectacular plans for places where you will be able to relax.

As each year we will have a EHBO stall provided by the Red Cross. Here you will be able to get health care when needed.

We will again have a cloakroom where you can leave your baggage for little price.

This year we will again have stall where you can get a quick bite to restore your energy.

Healthy food
Pastabar the Bocca will again have their own stall where you will be able to get some delicious pastas. Different from last year is this years Thaï Stall provided by Bangkok Delicious. Here you will be able to get some healthy loempia’s, etc.